Leishman Credit Jobs [LCJ]

Leishman Credit Jobs was originally established by Paul Leishman, who is now one of Diamond Recruitment's consultants. Paul has had extensive experience within the credit and commercial fire and general insurance industries, plus he has been a business owner, licensed private investigator and held senior management positions with various financial and insurance organisations.

Over the past 25 years, Paul has recruited a large number of personnel particularly within the credit industry. Paul was a member of the New Zealand Credit and Finance Institute for 18 years.

Paul is now focused on providing a first class specialist recruiting service with his in-depth knowledge and experience of the credit and insurance industries.

"From my  past experience there are only a few recruiters who truly understand what makes an excellent credit controller or collector. I strongly believe attitude and the ability to quickly learn are equally important as a candidate who  has extensive experience and qualifications. The ability to 'sell' the idea to a debtor to willingly pay is the key to credit control and collecting money."

Paul Leishman Credit Jobs