The keys to success

Do you really know what you want in a candidate? Do you really know what you want the candidate for?

Have you thought where this role may go and what skills will be needed to meet future challenges?

Your staff can make or break your business and the key to finding the right candidate is to know what you really want them to do - now and as the role evolves.

At Diamond Recruitment, we’ll work with you to scope and refine the role and to do that we’ll take you through our checklist covering topics like:

  • What is the role?
  • What skills are required?
  • What are the goals and the KPIs?
  • What are the responsibilities?
  • What is the profile you want the candidate to meet?
  • What experience do they need?
  • What weighting will be put on each set of skills?
  • Will the candidate manage staff?
  • Is the role public-facing?
  • As the role expands what directions might it take?
  • Will the skills required for the present role be sufficient for those new directions?

Tell us what you’re after and we will get back to you promptly.